Sun Microsystems

SUN Microsystems uses iGINE Enterprise to deploy their business-to-business commerce engine, weB2Biz. This totally secured engine transforms the way SUN conducts business with their partners and customers. It facilitates commerce and knowledge management replacing paper-based order management processes, improving supply chain integration, enhancing customer service and allowing real-time collaboration with their trading partners and customers.

For partners with ERP implementation, SUN uses iGINE BizBridge for reliable ERP-to-ERP integration over the web, hence significantly increases productivity in administration and improves procurement process and order quality.

Combining the power of iGINE Enterprise and BizBridge, SUN is able to reach out to its small to medium sized partners, and this reduces the need to fax, re-fax, call and meticulously keep track of orders and change orders.

The weB2Biz is deployed for 75 partners across 13 countries in Asia South, Australiasia and Greater China within 6 months. In the last 2 quarters, 100% of all orders in these regions are transacted through the SUN weB2Biz system. This system is currently being extended to other SUN partners worldwide.