About iGINE

iGINE is a leading provider of Partner Relationship Management solutions. Our ChannelBiz suite of software provides brand owners insight into the effectiveness of their sales channels and enables them to better manage and collaborate with their channel partners.

Core Competence

iGINE has the expertise in sales and post-sales management in the channel environment, international software localization and deployment, enterprise application integration and leading e-commerce technologies. We have experience in rolling out solutions for our clients and in managing a network of more than 500 of their sales partners in over 80 countries.

iGINE adopts the Back-to-Basics(SM)(B2B) Way to engineer software products. With our core focus on multi-tiered business applications and internationalization, iGINE solutions are designed for scalability, availability and ease of management through centrally administered consoles for deployment worldwide.


iGINE's Partner Relationship Management solutions have been deployed globally in the Asia-Pacific, United States, Latin America and Europe to interconnect more than 500 sales and distribution business partners. iGINE's customers include blue-chip customers such as Sony, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba and their channel partners.

Value-Added Services

iGINE provides end-to-end solutions for customers who require outsourcing. Our Partner Management Outsourcing supports customers implementing partner-centric business solutions. We provide consultation, implementation service, application hosting, integration with existing enterprise applications and partner integration services.