iGINE Case Study: Hi-tech Consumer Electronics

iGINE Channel Visibility Solution helped hi-tech manufacturer improve supply chain planning by providing timely and accurate inventory forecast and sales from all their channel partners. The solution helped reduced channel inventory, increased and efficiency and reduced the cost of managing the channels as well as increased customer and partner relationship.

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iGINE Business White Paper: Managing International Sales Data Collection

Seventy percent of businesses today rely on indirect sales channels to distribute their products to capture market share. With increasing globalization and shortening product cycles, information has to be made more readily available in order for manufacturers to keep pace with and respond more effectively to fluctuations in market demand.

However, the geographical spread of the global sales and distribution network means that vital information resides in disparate partners, locations and IT systems. In addition, language, culture, business practices and data representation may vary across partner entities.

Thus, a homogeneous system for data submission would not be sufficient to address these complexities and to gain the support of partners. Instead, Multi-national companies will need an internationalized system to enable rapid localization for country specific deployment.

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iGINE Business White Paper: Increasing Pocket Revenue

iGINE Pocket Revenue Optimization Solution (PROS) is a revenue analytic software to help companies increase Pocket Revenue. PROS takes the guesswork out of Channel Incentives approval and allocation decisions. It provides a scientific and systematic method to track and distribute Channel Incentives. PROS helps an enterprise to:

  • Track Pocket Revenue by regions, channel partners and product lines
  • Determine the Return on Investments (ROI) of Channel Incentives
  • Recommend an Optimal Allocation of Channel Incentives by shifting investments of incentives from low ROI to high ROI.

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IDC White Paper: The Role of Sell-Side eCommerce in Enhancing Channel Profitability

IDC believes that the proper way to maximize the benefits of an existing distribution channel strategy is to develop a deeper understanding of the existing channel structure, and more importantly to better manage the relationships within the distribution chain.

By understanding the key problems that lie within the channel, manufacturers and product vendors can look for solutions that will help them address the specific problems and therefore continue to benefit from their existing distribution channel structure.

This paper will evaluate the role of Collaborative Sell-Side B2B eCommerce solutions in addressing the specific needs of multi-tier distribution channels, with the aim of maximizing channel profitability.

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