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Avail Your Business from IT Concerns
Sharp e-business plans need resilient e-business infrastructures to deliver the mission. Sharp business minds have a focus - corporate success is now being defined on the delivery of a business' core competencies.

iGINE believes in seeing businesses through this success, by freeing non-IT-businesses from IT concerns, instilling the best of breed IT support to ensure better delivery of core competencies, ensuring that business operators stay focused and work at ease. This is the signature of iGINE Managed Services.

iGINE Managed Services

  • Plan, design and implement resilient IT infrastructure to deliver businesses reliability and dexterity
  • Provide a choice of data center services at your preferred sites, existing sites, or with our readily secured partners Singtel (STIX) and iAspire
  • Consult on optimal technologies to address critical needs for results, and avoid equipment obsolescence
  • Scale your Internet-based business applications to correspond to changing business demands, and improve your IT manpower support
  • Customize security requirement for every business for ability to gain control over security issue
  • Instill professional backup and recovery services, and professional problem resolution by subject experts
  • Reduce costs, increase efficiencies - as proven by Sun Microsystems' Web2Bix worldwide operations, a satisfied client of iGINE
Choice of Services
iGINE caters to different levels of service requirements, ensuring that your business reaps optimal benefits from the best packages.

System Management
  • System monitoring, paging alert and email notification
  • System administration
  • Monthly full system backup and daily incremental backup
Application Management
  • Integrated solution comprising of web server, application server, database and content management
  • Application installation, configuration and tuning
  • Application maintenance and administration
Network and Security
  • Multi-layered firewall protection for all servers
  • Firewall administration and maintenance
  • Secured web access via SSL
  • Network monitoring, paging alert and email notification
  • Network administration and maintenance
  • Primary and secondary DNS Hosting
  • Provision of host IP Address
Solution Architecturing
  • Architecturing and implementation of Internet-based applications
  • Server and system sizing
  • Network design and implementation
  • Security design and implementation
Application Management and Tuning
  • Application server tuning
  • Database optimization and tuning
High Available Systems
  • Architecturing and implementation of High Availability (HA) systems for mission critical applications
Offsite Data Protection
  • Daily off-site data protection storage through CISCO Recall