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IT Solutions for Business Targets
A clear business can distinguish between opportunities and impossibilities. A strong business knows where to turn impossibilities into opportunities - the strength and resilience of a business is in its ability to capture business targets, near or far.

iGINE understands how much it can mean when your business is ready for challenges. By helping you clear specific businesses drawbacks along the way, intensifying crucial points of your business functions, ensuring that your unique business targets are within range, and getting closer - aided by technologies. This is the signature of iGINE Professional Services.

iGINE Professional Services

  • Operates on 3D Methodology - Discover, Develop and Deploy, which has proven to deliver results, and demonstrates agility in the face of diverse business scenarios
  • Thorough assessment of business needs and technical requirements, paying special attention to crucial areas that define business successes
  • Phase-by-phase fine-tuning of solutions to meet exact business needs of a business - eliminating excesses, strengthening essentials
  • Rigorous testing and quality control to ensure total reliability of the customized system
  • Complimentary training program to benefit your business of maximum gains of profitability from the system
  • Reduce costs, increase efficiencies - as proven by Sun Microsystems' Web2Biz worldwide operations and HP Asia Pacific, satisfied clients of iGINE
Choice of Services
iGINE's Professional Services utilizes a 3D Methodology that brings a project seamlessly from Discovery to Development to Deployment.

In the initial phase of the project, our main objective is to understand your environment as much as possible so that we can provide you with the best solution. The key activities in this phase includes a series of workshops:

Kick-off Workshop

  • We believe in the needs to gather relevant business and technical functions of your company for a clear vision of the project
  • We identify relevant contacts for the duration of the project.
  • An excellent platform for exchange of ideas and visions for a good understanding of both parties - and the project
Requirements Gathering Workshops
  • Sessions dedicated to the gathering of necessary requirements for the design of a customized system that fits your business requirements without wastage, nor deficiencies
In this decisive phase, our engineers will work closely with your business to translate gathered requirements into sound business solutions:

Phase-by-Phase Refinement

  • Instead of the usual 'waterfall' approach where solutions are delivered at the end of a development phase, we recommend numerous checkpoints to ensure that requirements have been correctly realized.
  • Review meetings will be conducted periodically to deliver the phased solution, and to gather feedback to fine-tune the solution.
The delivery phase typically includes the following activities:

Levels of Acceptance Testing

  • We employ a set of rigorous testing sub-phases before the rollout of a solution to your business.
  • Integrating Testing is done during the development phase, after which we will have our QA team perform the QA Testing. Finally, an Acceptance Testing before the solution is deployed.
  • Upon the completion of the acceptance test, your business solution will go-live after migration to the production environment.
  • To complement the solutions and ensure that your business needs are met, we will conduct training workshops to educate users on optimal usage of the system.
  • Proper training materials will be provided to ensure a successful training program.