Business Process Integration

  • Streamlines the order process by integrating the order life cycle process with all tiers of your sales and distribution partners
  • Electronic interchange via internet replaces traditional paper and fax-based order transactions and enables seamless and secured data transfer with partners' order management systems (supports different document exchange formats including ebXML, Rosettanet and EDI)

Enable Channel Partners

  • Provides your extended sales force with tools to manage multiple product catalogues, pricing uplifts, product bundling and customer quotations

Product Catalogue Management and Distribution

  • Supports unlimited product catalogues for different usage e.g. for different countries or even custom catalogues for top customers
  • Facilitates the creation of product packages for frequently purchased products or special offers
  • Delivers personalized catalogues to both partners and customers to facilitate the purchasing process
  • Automates pricing and catalogue feeds to ensure that the critical product and pricing information are kept up-to-date and accurate

Pricing and Discount Management

  • Enables complex and personalized pricing and discount structure implementation to cater to the global and competitive business environment
  • Supports unlimited price list and discount categories, fine grain pricing and discount assignments for partners and end customers
  • Enables the setting of validity periods for price lists and discount structures corresponding to partner or customer agreements
  • Provides easy-to-use administration interfaces for business administrators to manage pricing and discounts

Order Management and Tracking

  • Provides a workflow integrated web-based interface to capture the order life cycle process with all tiers of sales and distribution partners (view, edit and manage quotations, orders, invoices and delivery orders)
  • Supports multiple shipping and billing addresses
  • Supports templates for regular orders
  • Enables multi-level and nested primary and secondary line items
  • Consolidates multiple quotations into an order for subsequent submission
  • Supports change of orders with easy visual indications of changes made

Order Processing

  • Enables workflow for discount and order approvals by incorporating validation and business rules to reduce order processing time
  • Enables seamless upload of processed orders into ERP systems

Customer and Partner Profiling

  • Provides order and customer information for analysis and profiling for sales and marketing planning
  • Provides profiles of your distributors and resellers based on industry, capability, performance and business arrangements
  • Enables implementation of performance-based reward programs to goal your partners or marketing programs to grow your installed-base

Management Visibility

  • Provides standard or custom management reports to monitor sales performance by partners, geographies and product lines

Supports Multi-Tiered Business Model

  • Supports hierarchical multi-tiered organization and partner organization relationships for sales and distribution network
  • Provides each partner and their respective users with their own information workspace for order management
  • Enables brand owners to delegate user management to each of their business partner administrators

Supports International Business

  • Supports localization and internationalization - languages, currency, date and time etc.

OPERATING SYSTEMUNIX, Linux, Windows NT and 2000

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