PowerMail is a mail-processing engine specially designed to deploy email as an information exchange and processing tool to support iGINE's ChannelBiz suite of Partner Relationship Management software that enables brand owners to better manage and collaborate with their sales and distribution partners as well as to gain insight into the effectiveness of their sales channels. As a generic mail-processing engine, PowerMail is able to:

  • Filter incoming electronic mails; reformat and redirect outgoing ChannelBiz alerts and email messages
  • Sort incoming email according to sender, subject, length of message, and keywords in the message.
  • Pre-process the electronic email and activate applications based on the email content
  • Conduct selective mail forwarding based on business rules
  • Inter-operate with other ChannelBiz software such as ZOOM (SMS Gateway) to convert alerts into SMS messages

As an auxiliary tool to the ChannelBiz suite of software, PowerMail has been specially customized to enable secure information exchange and processing between business partners. The software is able to:

  • Support implementation of a pre-defined workflow within a Sales and Distribution network that supports applications such as Discount Approval, Special Requests, Duty Personnel rotations, etc.
  • Support automatic data feeds to enterprise systems for lookups and cross-mapping
  • Perform data validation and reporting
  • Support Internationalization through transcoding/detection/customized formatting of native language encoding
  • Provide secured transmission of emails and attachments using PGP encryption and digital signatures

Overview    Key Features and Benefits