Companies today recognize the importance of having timely and accurate channel sales, inventory and customer data for planning their marketing strategies and supporting channel programs such as promotion campaigns, sales incentives, loyalty awards and rebates. However, considerable amount of unproductive time can be spent in manually consolidating and reconciliating these data, as well as coordinating with multiple parties to execute these programs.

Effective channel programs have to be focused in their intent and measurable of their performance. iGINE Channel Visibility provides a suite of tools to enable channel managers to track and manage channel programs effectively. Channel Visibility is a proven solution used by Fortune 500 companies such as Sun Microsystems, Hewlett Packard, Sony and Motorola to manage their channel programs. Channel Visibility enables sales management, marketing, finance and operations to work in tandem to achieve high channel management effectiveness.

iGINE brings to our customers a proven methodology and technology solution to enable companies to be more effective in managing their channel programs. Our solution delivers the following:

  • Business process and technology platform for collecting, validating and consolidating large amount of data from different channel partners
  • Timely and accurate channel data to support channel programs
  • Equip channel managers with key performance indicators to conduct reviews with channel partners and to design action plans
  • Incentive-based system to motivate channel partners to submit data and maintain critical channel profile information
  • Empower marketing managers with tools to easily design campaigns, incentive schemes and loyalty programs

iGINE’s Channel Visibility comprises of the partner network and a data consolidation infrastructure that provides the data to support various channel programs.

iGINE Channel Visibility is a complete platform for brand owners to implement their channel business processes with their partners and customers.

Solutions take different form in different industry and companies. Channel Visibility can be easily configured, customized and maintained. Channel Visibility can be used to deliver the following business applications:

  • Channel Partner Portal
  • Channel Sales Performance Management
  • Channel Inventory Management
  • Channel Leads Management
  • Channel Loyalty Portal

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