Global Experience
iGINE has the solution and the experience to implement channel data collection programs for MNCs on a global basis. To date, we provide account management to more than 500 distributors globally. Consequently, the Channel Visibility solution tracks more than US$3 billion worth of inventory sold through the manufacturer’s global channels annually.

Rapid Deployment
iGINE's existing global footprint means that we are able to help companies roll out the Channel Visibility Program globally and across multiple time zones in as short as 30 days. This enables sales, marketing, finance, and customer service departments to reap immediate program benefits.

Tried and Tested Methodology
For a successful channel data collection program, iGINE adopts a systematic approach to bringing a customer’s partners network on board through our 5 step method:

1. Business Requirement Study
  • Understanding of business reporting needs from all stakeholders as well as current and future state
  • Understanding of the current and future state of data collection scope, mechanisms and process
  • Determination of data formats, business and field validation rules, mapping of current data to the desired state
  • Analysis of Regional requirements including partner readiness, localization issues (e.g language, currency)
2. Recommand & Plan
  • Determination of vendor and customer roles in Maintenance and Support
  • Gap Analysis for data file and business reports
  • Proposal of framework for business partner engagement and strategy for successful rollout based on understanding of existing channel and incentive programs in relation to the data collection
  • Determination of Solution Development and Implementation Plan
  • System Sizing, Customization, setting up of Staging and Production environment
3. Rollout & Testing
  • Installation and initial configuration of Software
  • Customization of Settings and Configuration
  • System Integration Testing (SIT)and User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Deploy
4. Communicate & Train
  • Roadshow/visits to business partners to understand business needs, communicate project objectives and benefits to gain mindshare
  • Training : Train-the-trainer, User and administrator training
  • Briefing to Application Support Team
5. Evaluate & Refine
  • Review sessions with various groups of users and business partners
  • Measure results obtained against Key Performance Indicators set out before the project implementation
  • Perform enhancements and refinements based on feedback

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