- Data Collection
- Online Data Adjustment/Correction
- Data Validation and Processing
- Submission and Re-submission Workflow
- Tracking, Monitoring and Measurement
- Channel Analytic Reports

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Online Adjustments

Online Submission Monitoring

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Standard Channel Analytics

Data Collection

Channel Visibility streamlines and automates data collection by providing multiple data collection mechanisms to cater to the partnerís IT readiness. The system also supports various data formats for the convenience of partners. A channel Visibility dashboard enables the tracking of data submission status. Managers can be alerted at a pre-determined time if data has not been successfully loaded at any stage. In addition., the system is able to track the timeliness of the submission for each partner. This enables manufacturers to work closely with their partners to automate the data extraction and submission process and improve timeliness.

  • Supports multiple data collection points such as Email, ERP-to-ERP, Online Upload, Web Entry, etc.
  • Supports multiple data formats ie. XML, CSV, Excel, ASCII, EDI, etc.
  • Supports different versions of data formats (at partner level)
  • Enables online tracking of data submission status
  • Alerts pre-defined managers/administrators on submission status, including late or missed submissions

Online Data Adjustment/Correction

Channel Visibility enables the manufacturer to control the re-submission process. It can be set to allow the re-submission of information by the channel partners automatically or only upon a manual approval process by the manufacturer. This process offers flexibility to the partners and at the same time prevents unnecessary corruption of the data that has been loaded.

  • Supports adjustments to data even after a successful submission, in the event of last minute changes
  • Supports configurable time-window before online adjustments/ corrections are disallowed
  • Provides an online facility to make corrections to data that failed to be accepted within a submission
  • Maintains a trail of adjustments made for audit purposes

Data Validation and Processing

  • Provides a fully automated data validation engine
  • Supports Notifications of validation results to managers for follow-up actions
  • Enables ease of configuration of basic validation rules, such as min/max length, date format, regular expression, number format, keyword lookups etc.
  • Provides pluggable framework to support customized validations to cater to different business needs
  • Supports transcoding of native language code to unicode
  • Supports configurable error tolerance to allow the majority of data collected to be loaded

Submission and Re-submission Workflow

  • Supports a configurable approval process to control the re-submission of data by partners
  • Supports email notifications to alert and inform managers of re-submission requests and approval status
  • Tracks and traces the history of partners submission through versioning

Tracking, Monitoring and Measurement

Channel Visibility provides metrics to measure the consistency of data submitted. By minimizing the variance from the actual and through benchmarking the quality of the channel data collected, manufacturers can work with their partners and set targets to improve the quality of the data submitted over time. The following are standard measurements supported by Channel Visibility:

  • Supports metrics to measure the data accuracy and quality
  • Tracks common error or mistakes in data submission up to partner level

Channel Analytic Reports

Data collected using iGINE's Channel Visibility may be generated into useful standard management reports. Reports can be viewed online or downloaded into spreadsheets. Standard business reports include:
  • Sales Performance viewed by region, country, industry, sales person and product line
  • Distributor and Reseller Sell-through Report
  • Inventory control and management report
  • Data accuracy and variance analysis reports
  • Sales and inventory forecast
  • Channel marketing program reports

Integration with Data Warehouse

Channel Visibility complements existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems or Business Intelligence tools and enables an enterprise to deliver higher ROI from their existing IT investments.

Data collected can be loaded into existing data warehouses or business intelligence tools for further analysis. Standard loaders are provided for MS SQL and Oracle databases. Data export formats supported include: CSV, ASCII and XML.

OPERATING SYSTEMUNIX, Linux, Windows NT and 2000
PLATFORMJava JDK 1.3 and Above
Payload Encryption
Channel Encryption
Digital Signature
Hash Checksum Algorithm

56 Bit Triple DES
256 Bit HTTPS
1024 Bit RSA

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