With Channel Visibility, manufacturers are able to automate the process of data collection from partners worldwide. The frequency of collection can be increased to daily or near real time. By increasing the frequency of data collection and monitoring critical channel health indicators, manufacturers will be able to derive the following value:

  • React faster to market demands.
  • Ensure healthy channel behavior by rewarding and compensating sales effort based on actual sell-through rather than sell-in data.
  • Reduce overstocking of non-moving items in the channel to generate profit and improve cash flow.
  • Improve sales forecast accuracy that leads to reduction of logistic cost and plant utilization.
  • Better inventory management with a clear view of demand downstream in the distribution chain, smoothen production planning, reduce returns and save inventory holding costs.
  • Exert Control and Instill Discipline in the Data Submission Process and measure the Timeliness and Accuracy of Submitted Data
  • Obtain Channel Business Analytics and Partner Performance Indices

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